Astronergy Exhibited at WFES
Source: Time:2017-11-13 15:27:47 Author: Browse:5632 times

Astronergy made its debut in World Future Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With its innovative and high-efficiency PV modules, Astronergy attracted visitors a lot during the event.


WFES is the most important event in Middle East and North Africa area. The continuous effort in developing Middle East and North America Market helps Astronergy catch the opportunities of growing demand in PV and Astronergy has established stable relationship with local developers.


As investigated by Bloomberg, the declining costs of solar systems create energy and economic reality in MENA area. Especially the PV plant generates electricity more cheaply than gas plant which imports LNG. Many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Morocco have figured out clear path to develop clean energy.


“Our customers’ recognition in Astronergy and Chint make us stand out in this market. We have successfully cooperated with local giant players to co-develop utility PV power plants. The best irradiation in MENA and growing demand in electricity make PV more attractive than ever. We will put more effort in developing this market.” Dr. Lu, Chuan, the CEO of Astronergy commented.