Astronergy Won a Contract to Supply 93.4MW of Solar Modules
Source: Time:2017-04-10 14:46:23 Author: Browse:1988 times

Astronergy successfully won a bidding to supply 93.4 MW of PV modules to a project in Zhejiang province.


The project is located in Changxing County, in the northwest of Zhejiang province. The project will use 72 series monocrystalline PV module with output of each module more than 335Wp and total project capacity reaches 93.4MWp .


The bidding process was launched online. After rounds of bidding among many strong players, Astronergy finally won the bidding with the best offer in terms of output, warranty and services. The online bidding system improved the efficiency significantly.


“The great development in Chinese market delivered many opportunities to Astronergy. We will be committed to R&D of high-efficiency PV modules and provide the best products and services to our customers around the world.” Dr. Lu, Chuan, the Astronergy CEO commented.