Astronergy Recognized as Top Performer in PVEL/DNV GL Again
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PVEL, in partnership with DNV GL, released the 2020 PV Module Reliability Scorecard on May 28, via a global online conference. It is the fourth time that Astronergy/Chint Solar has won the honor of Top Performer. Astronergy/Chint Solar stood out among many competitors for its excellent reliability and attenuation performance of AstroTwins series modules and AstroSemi series modules. Moreover, the AstroTwins series achieved Top Performer status in all five PQP test categories, and was the only one among all competitors. The result truly embodies the value of "Creating Lasting and Efficient Green Energy" integrated in ASTRO modules.



The joint efforts by PVEL and DNV GL to organize a series of activities regarding the "PV Module Reliability Scorecard" have provided the industry with an important basis for measuring the long-term reliability and performance of PV modules. According to previous working rule, Product Qualification Program (PQP) includes the following 4 test sequences: Thermal Cycling x 600 cycles (3 times the IEC standard); Damp Heat x 2000 hours; Dynamic Mechanical Load + Thermal Cycling x 50 cycles + Humidity Freeze x 30 cycles; PID- x 192 hours. Each evaluation result includes a "Top Performer" status. This year, a PAN Performance test has been added to the 4 test sequences to simulate the power generation of the modules. Astronergy/Chint Solar's AstroTwins and AstroSemi have achieved gratifying results in these tests! Tristan Erion-Lorico, Head of PV Module Business of PVEL, commented, “PVEL congratulates Astronergy for achieving Top Performer designations in the 2020 PVEL PV Module Reliability Scorecard.



The AstroSemi series apply MBB & half-cut technologies, which significantly improves the reliability of modules while reducing cost and enhancing efficiency. The modules feature higher light utilization by using the 9BB technology, and more busbars can improve the crack tolerance. With the half-cut technology, we can improve the module power and reduce hotspot temp and NOCT temp.



The AstroTwins series have two key outstanding advantages: high power generation and high reliability. With Bi-facial technology, the modules can obtain 5-25% additional power based on different ground reflectivity. Adopting the double-glazing design, the modules will have better water resistance and reliability. This series has won the weathervane award "Gold Module" in photovoltaic technology for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019.

Due to the Covid-19 across the world, the launch of the "PV Module Reliability Scorecard" this year was moved online towards the globe. Jack Zhou, product management director of Astronergy/Chint Solar Crystalline Silicon Division, was invited to the PVEL/DNV GL online interview. "I'm very glad that the ASTRO series have been awarded Top Performer again. The winning modules this time are the AstroSemi series and AstroTwins series modules that we are currently working on.The AstroTwins series remained the degradation of less than 2% after five rigid extreme performance tests and achieved Top Performer status in each PQP test sequence, demonstrating the perfect combination of performance and reliability of Astronergy/Chint’s products," said Jack Zhou regarding the excellent performance of Astronergy/Chint’s modules.


According to Dr. Alex, CTO and deputy general manager at Astronergy/Chint Solar Crystalline Silicon Division, Astronergy/Chint Solar's bi-facial and dual-glass AstroTwins module has again been highly praised by the international third-party authority PVEL/DNV GL due to its long-term reliability. It is the only module that has passed five strict accelerated sequential tests in the PV industry, which encourages Astronergy/Chint Solar's R&D team and production team to develop new products and technology and to realize mass production. Astronergy/Chint Solar becomes more confident in developing reliable, cost-effective, efficient and attractive PV products for customers. He thanked the CHINT group and its leaders for their continuous help and resource support in R&D. He believes that Astronergy/Chint Solar's ASTRO PV modules are a top-notch runner in the international marathon of PV products, continuously increasing efficiency for electricity generating in power stations and household roofs and reducing LCOE.