Astronergy Passed T?V Rheinland PV Power Plant O&M Contractor Certification Annual Audit with AAA Rating
Source: Time:2020-10-10 17:29:11 Author: Browse:1842 times

Recently, Khorgos CHINT Technology Service Co.,Ltd ("Astronergy ") has officially passed the annual audit of T?V Rheinland O&M Contractor Certification and awarded with the AAA rating, becoming the only company in the photovoltaic industry that has achieved this excellent result two years in a row.

The certification annual audit started in mid-June of 2020, and the T?V Rheinland auditor team carried out relevant audit and review on a number of Astronergy's power plants over one week. By scoring under the 7 key dimensions, 30 evaluation items and more than 100 evaluation sub-items for the O&M company and several power plants, T?V Rheinland rated Astronergy as the highest AAA level for its O&M competency in China.