Several Astronergy Power Plants Won 2019 National PV Power Plant Production and Operation Benchmarking Awards
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Recently, the 2020 Power Industry (4th) PV Power Generation and Operation Index Conference hosted by the CEC(China Electricity Council)  was held in Hefei, where the results of the 2019 National Solar PV Power Station Production and Operation Index Benchmarking were released.

CEC scored the power generation, energy consumption, and equipment operation data of the 1,670 photovoltaic power plants that participated in the selection. In the end, the Jiayuguan Astronergy 30MW PV Power Station, Gaotai Astronergy 100MW PV Power Station, Guazhou Light Source 20MW PV Power Station, and Minqin Astronergy 50MW PV Power Station won 5A, 4A, and 3A respectively with their outstanding results. certificate.



Astronergy's Gansu Minqin 50MW PV Plant