Chint Solar won the 81st place in the 10th Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises
Source: Time:2020-12-07 18:50:10 Author: Browse:2722 times

The list of the Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises and the Top 50 New Energy Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises, jointly organized by China Energy News and the China Energy Economic Research Institute, was released recently. Chint Solar won the 81st place in "The 10th Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises" and entered the "Top 50 Technological Innovation Enterprises" list.


The event has been in its tenth session since 2011. It is mainly based on the core operating indicators such as the business income and investment in research, development and innovation in the previous year, and is an authoritative rank to measure the comprehensive strength such as the development scale and sustainable growth capacity of the large new energy enterprises worldwide. It has become a bellwether reflecting the basic characteristics, latest changes and important trends of the development of the global new energy industry.